Non-Profit Organizations

The Ojai Valley is home to a diverse group of people who are active in the community and passionate in their beliefs. The Ojai Valley with a population of approximately 28,000 people is the home to almost 200 non-profit organizations that are eligible to receive tax-deductible charitable contributions. This does not even include the many churches in the Ojai Valley that are not required to file for tax exemption with the IRS. By these numbers, the Ojai Valley has more non-profit, tax-exempt organizations per capita than any other region or area within Ventura County. With its proximity to the wilderness and ocean and stunning views it’s no wonder why the Ojai Valley attracts so many people who deeply care about their environment and fellow man.

Dave L. Neville advises and represents many of the non-profit entities located in the Ojai Valley in applying for and retaining their tax exemption status. Dave L. Neville has provided services for numerous types of non-profit charities, including schools, churches, civic leagues, and Indian tribes. Services include:

• Non-profit entity formation
• Social welfare organizations
• Preparation of exemption applications (form 1023 and 3500)
• Public benefit or private foundation status
• Compliance with federal and state charitable laws
• Compliance with the Corporations Code
• Reviver applications
• Unrelated business income issues
• Board consultations
• Change of purpose
• Articles amendment
• Property tax exemptions

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