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Dave L. Neville in Ojai, California represents individuals and business entities in matters of business, real property, estate planning, taxation and litigation. He has a niche practice handling tax issues within these areas of law. Dave L. Neville is a skilled and knowledgeable Ventura County tax lawyer with more than 25 years providing clients with effective legal representation. Dave L. Neville is committed to finding the best solutions for his clients. When choosing an attorney to represent your personal or business needs you want someone with experience you can trust to navigate you through the ever-complex legal environment.

Dave L. Neville began his legal career in the courtrooms of Los Angeles working for a criminal defense and personal injury law firm. After a few years of spending every day in court, Dave L. Neville went back to school to earn a degree in taxation. After litigating several criminal and civil tax cases, Dave L. Neville went to work for a firm focusing solely on discharging taxes in bankruptcy. After the dot.com crash in 2000, he put together a debt work-out plan for a publicly traded company whom eventually hired him as their general counsel. The public company provided incubator services to start-up companies working in the technology sector. Though this work, Dave L. Neville gained invaluable experience working for a company with publicly traded securities and working with entrepreneurs wanting to bring their visions to reality. Upon taking the public company private, Dave L. Neville went into private practice.

Business Entities. Dave L. Neville has been representing businesses for over 20 years. He started working for businesses that were in financial distress helping them restructure and recapitalize to get them financially sound again. As a general counsel he facilitated business strategies, oversaw compliance with state and federal securities laws, and advised and counseled the board of directors. As the general counsel to an incubator, he provided legal support to start-up companies from formation to acquisition. Today, Dave L. Neville provides legal services to companies from formation, recapitalization and the owners’ eventual exit. Through this experience, Dave L. Neville knows how to properly form and structure a company to enable client’s to succeed. As a tax professional, Dave L. Neville structures the formation and changes in ownership to minimize tax ramifications and advises and represents non-profit entities applying for and retaining their tax exemption status.

Business Transactions. As the general counsel for a publicly traded technology company that incubated start-up companies, Dave L. Neville has drafted hundreds of commercial contracts and licensing agreements. These agreements include leases, purchases, and licenses. Through this experience, Dave L. Neville knows what terms are reasonable and how to structure an agreement and terms that will be enforceable in a court of law. The role of good business attorney is also being able to advise client’s to protect their intellectual property, including trade secrets, client lists, trademarks and copyright. As an attorney in the competitive technology sector, Dave L. Neville has drafted hundreds of agreements to protect his clients’ intellectual property and has been filing trademark applications with the United States Patent and Trademark Office for over 15 years.

Real Property. As a business lawyer, Dave L. Neville regularly reviews commercial leases for clients. Dave L. Neville has been drafting and negotiating real estate leases for over 15 years. This includes office leases and shopping mall leases as well as purchase options, subleases, assignments and co-tenancy agreements. He also prepares the documentation for a company that finances home purchases. Dave L. Neville also works to protect and enforce property owners’ rights and responsibilities with regards to deeds and easements.

Estate Planning. As an attorney with a masters degree in tax, Dave L. Neville knows how to structure transactions to comply with the tax laws to ensure the goals of his clients. Dave L. Neville, has advised and prepared estate planning documents for hundreds of clients over the last 15 years, including irrevocable trusts, qualified terminable interest property trusts, as qualified personal residence trusts, and generation-skipping trusts. Dave L. Neville also provides trust administration and probate services.

Taxation. Dave L. Neville earned a masters degree in taxation in 1993. As well as using his tax knowledge to structure business transactions to minimize and avoid any potential applicable taxes, Ventura County tax attorney Dave L. Neville also advises and represents clients on various tax matters, including Proposition 13 change of ownership rules, 1031 exchanges, tax treatment of judgments and settlements, and personal income tax planning. Dave L. Neville has also advised and represented hundreds of clients in tax collection matters, including audits, offers in compromise, innocent spouse relief, and willful failure to pay penalty assessments.

Litigation. Dave L. Neville represents clients having business disputes that may arise between co-owners and buyers and sellers, and other various commercial disputes. In real property, Dave L. Neville represents clients having disputes over deeds and easements and other various owner disputes. In estate planning, Dave L. Neville represents clients in trust dispute matters. In tax, Dave L. Neville represents clients exercising their appealable rights and opposing tax assessments. Dave L. Neville has litigated cases in the federal and states courts in California, U.S. Tax Court, Trademark Trial and Appeals Board, as well as administrative proceedings before the Labor Commissioner, Employment Development Department, Alcohol Beverage Control, State Board of Equalization, and before a range of arbitration organizations including FINRA.

Dave L. Neville has extensive experience advising and representing individuals and business entities in matters related to business, real estate, estate planning, taxation and litigation matters in Ojai and throughout Ventura County

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