Trust Administration & Litigation

Trust Administration

Trust administration takes place when the settlor of a trust dies. Trustees must notify the beneficiaries of the shift within the trust after the original settlor has passed. With the settlor no longer around, the trustees are tasked with upholding the terms of the trust and working in the beneficiaries’ best interest. If you are a successor trustee, Dave will guide you through this process to make sure it’s done right and you incur no liability. Generally, the procedure includes:

  • Delivering mandatory notices to heirs and government agencies
  • Recording mandatory documents
  • Taking inventory and appraisal of assets
  • Liquidating assets
  • Identifying and pay creditors
  • Preparing the trust accounting
  • Filing individual, fiduciary and estate tax returns
  • Gathering consents from beneficiaries and distributing assets

Trust Litigation

Trust litigation is the legal process involving disputes, contests, or issues surrounding the administration or terms of a trust. This can involve various aspects of the trust, including management, distribution of assets, or the validity of the trust itself. Though, in some circumstances when a trust requires modification, court intervention can be avoided by a process called ‘decanting’. In some situations, a guardianship or conservatorship may need to be established for a loved one by petitioning the court for an appointment. Trust litigation services that Dave can provide to you, includes the following:

  • Trust contests
  • Reformation and modification of trusts
  • Litigation against a trustee
  • Guardianship administration and litigation
  • Conservatorship administration and litigation

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