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As a business lawyer, Dave L. Neville regularly reviews commercial leases for clients. Dave L. Neville has been drafting and negotiating real estate leases for over 15 years. This includes office leases and shopping mall leases as well as purchase options, subleases, assignments and co-tenancy agreements. He also prepares the documentation for a company that finances home purchases. Dave L. Neville also works to protect and enforce property owners’ rights and responsibilities with regards to deeds and easements. He also works with homeowners to address alleged building and zoning code violations. Services include:

  • Lease drafting and review
  • Purchase option agreements
  • Subleases
  • Co-tenancy agreements
  • Assignments
  • Lending documents – secured promissory notes and deeds of trust
  • Deed restrictions
  • Easements
  • Adverse possession
  • Building and zoning code violations and assessments

Dave also counsels clients on the change of ownership rules for clients transferring real property to prevent triggering a full or even partial reassessment under Proposition 13.

Dave also advises clients regarding tax consequences arising form sales, foreclosures and short-sales of commercial and residential real property. Such sales may result in surprising tax liability as well as personal liability to banks for sellers, which in some circumstances may be avoided with proper planning.

Dave L. Neville regularly advises and represents individuals and business entities in Ojai and throughout Ventura County in real property matters.

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